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More leads for less money, systematically.

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Prospecting system that prequalifies conversations

More prequalified interactions means more closed deals.
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Off market lead
generation system.

we make it simple to rapidly generate leads and build a pipeline of off market deals by giving you the tools you need.

  • Leads.

    Prequalified sellers, buyers, and tenants lead generation.

  • Marketing.

    Simple to use marketing tools and CRM.

  • Conversion.

    Proven marketing technology that converts at the highest level.

  • Turn key solution.

    Sign up. Log in. Receive leads. Close deals.

Frank Lahijani (Global Commercial Real Estate, Broker)

“I’ve been in the real estate industry for 30 years and I never knew just how hard I was working. Every lead I came across was already beaten down and…

Yan Tkach (MTIP Commercial Real Estate, Broker, Investor)

“We own multiple multi-family properties and each time we look for new locations and properties to expand; it usually takes up several months to a year just to make contact…

Joe Shany (Shany Enterprises, Investor)

“I’ve always enjoyed the idea of real estate investment and the amount of income it can generate. What I didn’t know was how much it took to get from a…

Mark Zakarian (Rocca Development, Broker, Investor)

“I had no clue what I was doing. I was burning leads, losing potential investments, and I was in serious trouble. I could have just given up and chosen a…

What’s included
with 1PropertyMarket

Prequalified Leads
Not found anywhere else!

Every lead has the option to exclusively provide prequalifying scripted questions that may include a prospect's contact details, asking price, and deal terms.

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Premium access to
exclusive leads

1PM’s proprietary technology makes its network exclusive all on its own. No one else markets to your leads! Simply claim you territory and select your asset type to close deals.

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Automated tracking system to optimize your work flow

1PM provides customized tools to help track, follow-up, engage, and close deals. Our system provides essential metrics to help you get the most out of 1PM.

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Access to private market experts for assistance

Are you new to the business? no problem. 1PropertyMarket has experienced real estate gurus that are ready to show you how to cut through the red tape and accelerate your path to success.

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Systematic prospecting that
converts conversations

Effortless prospecting is the key to success with any type of lead generation. We make it simple!

  • Texts & Emails.

    Automated texts and emails that get responses.

  • RVM.

    Automatic personal ringless voice messages.

  • CRM.

    All of our leads funnel into Follow Up Boss system.

  • 3-way messaging.

    2 way text, emails and automated RVM so you can maximize your leads.

  • A.I. Concierge

    Artificial intelligence that systematically prospects and converts conversations for you.

  • KPIs & Visual Analytics.

    Know your numbers. Understand what they mean. Close more deals.

KPI Analytics:AdvancedLimitedLimited
Price:Fixed. $3 / record and campaign$50 - $1,000$50 - $1,000
Refunds:Replacement creditsNo refundsNo refunds
Customer Service:24/7LimitedLimited
Leads Quality:97% Interested
& Prequalified
20% Interested20% Interested
Mobile App:
CRM Integration:Proprietary CRMAvailableAvailable
Types of Marketing:SMS,  RVM,  Email
+ Unique Database
Email & WebEmail & Web
Types of Leads:Sellers, Landlords,
Buyers & Tenants
Sellers & BuyersSellers & Buyers
Multiple Teams:
Exclusivity:Lead Type, Asset class
& Zip Code
Contract:Month to Month
or Contract
Ease of Use:Simple + Hands on TrainingSimpleSimple

1PropertyMarket is designed for Realtors, Investors, Buyers, Developers, Tenants, Mortgage Bankers, Contractors, Attorneys, Title Insurance & Escrow Reps.

KPI Analytics:





Fixed. $3 / record and campaign

$50 - $1,000

$50 - $1,000


Replacement credits

No refunds

No refunds

Customer Service:




Leads Quality:

97% Interested
& Prequalified

20% Interested

20% Interested

Mobile App:

CRM Integration:

Proprietary CRM



Types of Marketing:

SMS,  RVM,  Email
+ Unique Database

Email & Web

Email & Web

Types of Leads:

Sellers, Landlords,
Buyers & Tenants

Sellers & Buyers

Sellers & Buyers

Multiple Teams:


Lead Type, Asset class
& Zip Code




Month to Month
or Contract



Ease of Use:

Simple + Hands on Training



1PropertyMarket is designed for Realtors, Investors, Buyers, Developers, Tenants, Mortgage Bankers, Contractors, Attorneys, Title Insurance & Escrow Reps.


Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers.

$3 flat fee per record.
For seller/landlord/buyer/tenant leads.
250 minimum records. No Maximum.
+ optional $1/mo flat fee per record for automated lead nurturing (includes a total of 10 RVM and SMS touches a month)

Minimum of 250 or more.

Absolutely, and we provide hands-on training as necessary until you feel conformable with it.

Leads are distributed through your choice of a round-robin to a team or a single user through our powerful 3rd party CRM platform Follow Up Boss.

Realtors, Investors, Buyers, Developers, Tenants, Mortgage Bankers, Contractors, Attornies, Title Insurance & Escrow Reps.

Yes! But, exclusivity starts with a minimum commitment of at least 1000 records or more with a minimum of 3 months lead nurturing contract.

Property owners who currently do not have their assets listed for sale on the open market.

1PM leads have a 98% accuracy level. All leads will have prospects' names, cellphone numbers, property addresses, as well as potential emails and several key prequalifying questions that have been answered using our sophisticated A.I. system.

We only currently service the United States of America.

1PM offers no contract for non-exclusive leads as well as a 3-month agreement for exclusive leads.

Within 24-72 hours of registering with the service.

Historically, our research has found that from every 1,000 records that are targeted, our KPIs show a 2-3% favorable response rate, which translates to about 20-30 potential interested, prequalified off-market leads. Most 1PM users close anywhere between 4-12% of the leads they receive.

All real estate asset classes are available. Such as Single Family Residential, Condo, Multifamily, Retail, Industrial, Commercial, Vacant Land, Office, Hospitality, Mixed Use, General/Misc., Special, Purpose, Agricultural, Easements/Personal Prop/Other, Public & Semi-Public.

1PropertyMarket has a sophisticated A.I. system that intelligently gathers and filters through interested, not interested, and incorrect prospects, so that you can focus on motivated and interested prequalified leads.

100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. That said, our customers have shown a track record of an average of 4-12% deal conversion rate.


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