Performance & ROI Analysis

1PropertyMarket V.S. Direct Mail

Follow the process A-D and fill in the information as best as you know in order to discover the difference 1PropertyMarket can make for your business in comparison to Direct Mail.


Select the number of outbound mailers
to property owners:

  • On average 0.1% of the total outbound mailers reply interested to a direct mail campaign.

    This indicates that the individual is interested in learning more about the product or service being offered.

    This number does not gurantee closed deals.
  • This is the number of responses as a result of the outbound marketing campaign by direct mail.

    For example, this includes interested, not interested, and incorrect perspective leads.
  • The national average cost per mail is $1.

    The theoretical cost includes printing a one to two-page promotional flyer, a stamp, an envelope, and the cost to fold and seal envelopes.

    However, it does not include the cost to procure a prospect list, the creative design process, which includes wording a script and a layout design, as well as, any necessary manual labor required to intake prospect data, then qualify and distribute leads. With these expenses the cost per mail goes up signifacntly. Refer to the figure below.

Win Big with 1PropertyMarket

1PropertyMarket replaces a bunch of tedious workflows. See how our all-in-one, fixed price, white-glove service compares to bundling the need to research, identify, create, market, and qualify on your own leads:


$300/Prequalified Seller Lead

  • White glove leads
  • Prequalified interested leads
  • 20X Faster delivery
  • 5X more affordable
  • Exclusive off-market leads
  • KPI Analytics & Tracking
  • User friendly CRM
  • A.I. Concierge
  • 3-way messaging

$3,000 for 10 inbound interested leads

Our expert team will deliver prequalified, exclusive, off-market leads directly into your inbox within a few days of launching a campaign.


Direct Mail

$ 1800/Seller Lead

  • Property database provider Up to $0.50 a record and 30 days of work
  • Campaign preparation (segmenting, organizing, filtering )Up to $500 and 7 days of work
  • Marketing creative (script, images, design, wording, layout) $1500 to $5000 and 30 days of work
  • Envelopes, print, stamps, packaging $0.65 to $2 per mail and 30 days of work
  • Manual qualification(phone calls, infromaton intaking)$10 a leads and 60 days of work

$18,000 for 10 inbound interested leads

Days of work equates to the amount of time required to research, identify, create, market, and qualify leads on your own.


Calculate and Compare Your Campaign ROI

Complete the process below B-D and scroll down to reveal your return
for each $1 invested in each campaign.


Select your average deal size:


Select your average profit margin:


Select your average conversion rate
for interested inbound leads:

  • Number of Closed Deals:

    2 = 20% of 10

    The number of inbound interested leads multiplied by your average conversion rate.

  • Dollar Amount Earned Per Deal:

    $50,000 = 5%  of  1,000,000

    Your average profit margin multiplied by your average deal size.

  • Total Dollar Amount Earned Per Campaign:

    $100,000 = 2  X  50,000

    Your dollar amount earned per deal multiplied by the number of closed deals.

The Bottom Line

Total investment:


Return on investment:


per $1 invested

Total investment:


Return on investment:


per $1 invested


more effective


Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers.

$3 flat fee per record.
For seller/landlord/buyer/tenant leads.
250 minimum records. No Maximum.
+ optional $1/mo flat fee per record for automated lead nurturing (includes a total of 10 RVM and SMS touches a month)

Minimum of 250 or more.

Absolutely, and we provide hands-on training as necessary until you feel conformable with it.

Leads are distributed through your choice of a round-robin to a team or a single user through our powerful 3rd party CRM platform Follow Up Boss.

Realtors, Investors, Buyers, Developers, Tenants, Mortgage Bankers, Contractors, Attornies, Title Insurance & Escrow Reps.

Yes! But, exclusivity starts with a minimum commitment of at least 1000 records or more with a minimum of 3 months lead nurturing contract.

Property owners who currently do not have their assets listed for sale on the open market.

1PM leads have a 98% accuracy level. All leads will have prospects' names, cellphone numbers, property addresses, as well as potential emails and several key prequalifying questions that have been answered using our sophisticated A.I. system.

We only currently service the United States of America.

1PM offers no contract for non-exclusive leads as well as a 3-month agreement for exclusive leads.

Within 24-72 hours of registering with the service.

Historically, our research has found that from every 1,000 records that are targeted, our KPIs show a 2-3% favorable response rate, which translates to about 20-30 potential interested, prequalified off-market leads. Most 1PM users close anywhere between 4-12% of the leads they receive.

All real estate asset classes are available. Such as Single Family Residential, Condo, Multifamily, Retail, Industrial, Commercial, Vacant Land, Office, Hospitality, Mixed Use, General/Misc., Special, Purpose, Agricultural, Easements/Personal Prop/Other, Public & Semi-Public.

1PropertyMarket has a sophisticated A.I. system that intelligently gathers and filters through interested, not interested, and incorrect prospects, so that you can focus on motivated and interested prequalified leads.

100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. That said, our customers have shown a track record of an average of 4-12% deal conversion rate.


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