Lead nurture system

Long-term, automated nurturing for all your leads.


Getting leads

It’s never been easier to generate more leads for less money.

Catch leads early in their home buying or selling journey before they’ve started to look for an agent.


Property market CRM

Manages your leads and automates follow up.

No need to invest in a costly CRM to manage your leads. BoldLeads has you covered from lead generation to lead follow up.

Leads are automatically nurtured long term, creating future business for you for the years to come.



Don’t reinvent the wheel! We offer a variety of proven funnels to help you spark conversations with different types of leads.

We have it all. Automated funnels layered with the ability to connect with leads through email, text, or stealth voice broadcasts, all customizable to your audience and your voice.

Save money – a separate automated system is not required.



Focus your follow-up on the leads that are the most engaged!

Indicators of engagement
Focus your follow-up on the leads that are the most engaged!


Task reminders

Create email and text reminder to reach out to clients.

Set tasks that alert you each time it’s time to take action with a lead. Sync with your Google calendar to get reminders on your phone and email.



Lead status quickly track your communication and progress with a lead.

Stay organized and on top of your follow up with all your leads.

Not sure where to start?